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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use my card?

For your protection, the only person authorized to use your card is you.  For that reason, Block Plan Meals are non-transferable, but you can use your declining balance to treat a friend when you dine.

Do you have take-out available?

Yes, we have an express meal service available.

What if I lose my Dining/ID Card?

Deactivate a lost or stolen card by going to the Colonel Card Office, use your IPhone or Android app or online by going to

Do I have to own a meal plan?

The University mandates that all residents have to be on a resident meal plan. Commuter/faculty and staff members have the option to purchase a resident meal plan if they are interested, but it is not mandatory. There is also a commuter/faculty and staff meal plan if you do not plan on living on campus. Commuter/faculty meal plans are voluntary, but very convenient.

Which meal plan should I choose?

The University chooses which meal plan you will be on (Silver, Gold or Platinum) based on scholarships, residency, classification, etc., but within that meal plan you can choose from the 19, 15, or 10 meal plan option. Galliano Dining Hall serves 19 meals a week (3 times a day Monday – Friday and 2 times a day Saturday – Sunday). If you plan on staying on campus pretty much each weekend, the 19 meal plan is best for you. If you intend on going home almost every weekend, the 15 or 10 meal plan is best. *Choose wisely the amount of meals you want per week as there is a difference between the 19 plan vs. the 15 and 10 meal plan. The 19 meal plan covers the entire week, including weekends (Sunday dinner – Sunday brunch), while the 15 or 10 meal plan only covers (Sunday dinner – Friday lunch). However, if you choose the 15 or 10 meal plan, you will still be able to use your munch money on the weekends you stay on campus to study or hang out with friends.

Will my meal plan roll over to the next semester?

If you are on a resident meal plan, it will not roll over to the following semester. If you purchase a commuter/faculty and staff meal plan in the fall, it will roll over to the spring. If you purchase a commuter/faculty and staff meal plan in the spring, it will roll over to the summer.

What is munch money and munch plus?

Munch money is money that you can spend on campus in Galliano Dining Hall, all Sodexo retail locations on campus (Student Union Food Court, Aspretto Café, Jazzman’s, Freshens, etc.), and concessions. Munch money may not be used to purchase alcohol. Also, munch money expires at the end of the semester. (Munch money is what comes with the resident meal plans). Munch plus is more flexible in that it never expires.

Other questions?

Please call Sodexo Campus Services’ Office at (985) 448-4513.

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